Arapahoe|Hincapie Racing Team


Stage wins in the Tour of Utah and Tour of Normandie, overall wins at Cascade Cycling Classic, Redlands, and the grueling Tour de Beauce. Multiple wins at Speed Week and a clean sweep at the Tour of Southern Highlands. Whether we’re in the U.S. or Europe, stage races or crits, we show up.

Arapahoe|Hincapie p/b BMC has made a name for itself as a Continental racing team, and this year is poised to be another one for the books. But all of this success in six short years hasn’t come from staring at power meters and perfecting form.

“I want the best bike racers—not necessarily the fittest people out there,” says Thomas Craven, chief sports director.

Craven, along with founders George and Rich Hincapie, approach managing the team from a place of mentorship and camaraderie. As George says, “Understanding the numbers and measurements of your performance is important. But equally important is teaching the guys all those things that can’t be dialed in with a computer.”

So while some may raise eyebrows at the guys playing their guitars or tossing the football before a race, it’s what George—after coming off of a successful 19-year cycling career—always pictured for the team. In 2012, he and Rich joined forces with the BMC Racing team to form the Hincapie Sportswear Development team, aiming to mentor young cyclists into the Pro-Tour circuit. After joining the UCI Continental Tour as Holowesko|Citadel, the team welcomes sponsors BMC Switzerland and Arapahoe Resources as title sponsors for 2019.

With major wins behind them, as well as the support of solid sponsors and the Hincapie family, there’s nowhere to go but up for the guys of Arapahoe|Hincapie. But according to Craven, that’s not what matters, “Sure, it’ll be great if we win. But what really matters are the stories—that we make good stories to tell for years to come.”

Our Team


Yusuke Kudota

Tomoya Koyama

Yuki Ishihara

Pablo Muino

Dario Giovine

Simon Jones

Samuel Janisch

Noah Granigan

Seth Jones

Cameron Beard

Richard Holec

Spencer Petrov

Brendan Rhim

George Hincapie

Rich Hincapie

Thomas Craven

Brendan Cornett