The Postup

Casey Magner – Team Mechanic

As we prepare for our 4th season on the road I wanted to make sure that Casey Magner gets the credit he is due.  Often simply called Ty’s brother, which is true…Casey is much more than just the mechanic.  For me he is a deep resource in the car as we discuss how the race is unfolding or a great sounding board for what we should or could do next.  For the riders he listens and responds to the sometimes small sometimes large tweaks that each one of them needs to make them feel faster or better on the bike.   His attention to detail and his dedication to the riders may go unnoticed to some but having a guy that you can depend on both on the road and off is rare.  The success of the team can really be attributed to the confidence that each rider has in his bikes and in Casey.



The Hincapie Racing Team is set up differently than most teams.  The riders and staff are always together and we prefer it that way.  I’ve been on teams that separate the riders and staff and it always seems as if the staff is complaining about how the riders get to much and the riders are always moping around complaining about being at whatever race they are doing.  The mechanics can be even moodier and some should just be deported.  The best times for our team is when we are all together. Sitting down with Casey along with the rest of the staff and riders sharing a meal and re-telling the stories of the day are some of the best parts of being on this team.  Thanks Beav.