My father was a pro cyclist in the ’80s for a few Swiss teams. After he retired, he helped organize a cyclocross race. I helped him build the track, and then I rode in the race. I was 11 then.

I like cycling because, in a lot of ways, you’re on your own. You can compete with yourself. My strength lies in the Classic races—the ones with small roads, killer wind, harsh conditions. I like to push myself.

But I also like cycling because of the team aspect. I like strategizing with others and coming together for a common goal.

I met George Hincapie for the first time at a U23 after-party. He said, “Why don’t you come on my team?” I thought, “Why not?” Traditionally, American teams don’t have that much history, but George brings a lot of history to the table. I always admired him because he was a team player, and everyone told me I’d love being on this team. They were right. Every day, I wake up excited to ride.