I love the competitive aspect of racing; you have to think while you’re exerting yourself, plan and coordinate with your teammates. You can’t just mindlessly ride your bike because in a race, it never happens like you plan. More likely than not your plan goes to shit, and then you’re having to figure something out on the fly. But that’s what makes racing fun.

Signing a contract with this team has been surreal. My only goal this year is to do a good job, be a good teammate, and hopefully get asked back for another year. Being new to the team, I know I need to prove myself, so I’m ready to do that.

There are lots of things you can do to improve your performance, from training to gear to nutrition. I’ve invested a good amount of time learning about food, experimenting with it to see how it affects my performance. Practicing good nutrition is just another competitive edge.

I learned how important it is to eat organic, responsibly raised and grown foods. We have a moral responsibility to the earth and to future generations to really pay attention to what we’re consuming. There’s a science called epigenetics which says what you eat now affects your genetic code. Then, you pass that genetic code on to future generations. So, if you make poor choices now, your children may struggle from the code you’ve passed on to them. The core message in all of this is to be good to yourself, be good to the earth, and be good to your neighbor. That’s what I aim to live by.