“My parents never drove us around. They made us ride bikes to get anywhere, so that’s what got me started riding. And then my buddy’s dad used to race on an elite level, so he took us to a road bike race. I was like, ‘Whoa, I can win money doing this?!’ So I kept riding, and here I am.

“When I was 19 I started racing for Jelly Belly, and then I was on Cal Giant for two years with Brendan Rhim and Justin Oien before returning back to Jelly Belly. So being back with Rhim and Justin, as well as the rest of these guys, is a lot of fun. Everyone knows each other. There’s no competition, no egos. Everyone is reliable.

“I’m looking forward to a healthy year racing. In 2016 I broke my pelvis, in 2017 I had a blood clot, in 2018 I had a viral infection. But I kept at it. I’m stubborn. I haven’t done what I’ve wanted to do in this sport yet, so I’m going to keep racing my bike.”