I like the long, hard races that really push you to the limit. I also like the one-day races, though, because they’re the most exciting, most unpredictable. With the one-day races, everything happens in one day, so every minute counts.

I don’t get stressed easily. Maybe it comes with experience, maybe from maturing a little. I’ve done so many races now that I’ve learned to just enjoy the ride and see how it goes. I’m pretty even-keel.

My favorite moment from last year was winning Tour de Beauce. That was pretty cool. It was nothing but teamwork on the last day. In the middle of the last stage we made a lot of calls, felt each other out. As it turned out, I was in a good position to attack other teams, and our plan worked.

I love riding because I love being outdoors. I also like fishing, going to the beach, skiing … anything that involves fresh air. There’s a freedom to being in nature that you can’t find anywhere else.