From power meters to energy bars, sunglasses to helmets, partners of Holowesko | Citadel are the best in their industries. After all, it only makes sense that guys who are giving it their best effort, day in and day out, should have the best tools to support them.

Platinum Founders

Mark Holowesko, Holowesko Partners and The Island House
Ken Griffin, Citadel
Paul Kloberdanz, Arapahoe Resources

Team Founders

Team Founders are pivotal to our success as a team. Founders provide the team with funding for travel, race fees, gear, and the necessary tools to maintain our status as one of the most successful and popular pro cycling teams in the nation.

Allen Gibson, Chief Investment Officer of Centaurus Capital LP
Tim Hockey, President and CEO of TD Ameritrade
Alan Waxman
Billy Webster

Presenting Partners




Arapahoe Resources

BMC Switzerland

Greenville Health System Steadman Hawkins Sports Medicine

Equipment Sponsors

Finish Line

Apparel Sponsors

Nutrition/Wellness Sponsors

Honey Stinger


Upstate Spine and Sport

Border Springs Farm

The Island House


Rocket Vodka

Training Peaks