Hincapie Racing Team Sets Sights on the 2019 Season

Photo courtesy of Brian Hodes, VeloImages

The Hincapie Racing team was unable to meet the recent UCI deadline for declaring as a Professional Continental team. However, the team still anxiously looks toward the 2019 season, remaining committed to a program that will eventually lead toward the goal of becoming a World Tour team.

While Arapahoe Resources, BMC Switzerland, and other current and new sponsors have pledged support for the 2019 season, George and Rich Hincapie are making a public appeal for other partners to come forward who share their vision for the team.

Unique to investing in the Hincapie Racing team is the opportunity to leverage all of the Hincapie businesses, including Hincapie Sportswear, the Gran Fondo Hincapie series, the Hincapie Cycling Society, Hotel Domestique, and the Experience Domestique cycling camps. The Hincapie brand has a global market presence, with an audience extending beyond the traditional fan base of professional cycling and into the novice cyclist, travel enthusiast, gourmet foodie, as well as fans of George Hincapie himself.

Founded in 2012, the Hincapie racing team has grown from a young development team to a contender in the Professional Continental ranks, graduating four alumni to the next step in cycling (Toms Skujins, Larry Warbasse, Dion Smith, and Joey Rosskopf). Much of the team’s success has come from the support of Mark Holowesko, of Holowesko Partners, and Ken Griffin, of Citadel Financial, and the team is incredibly thankful for their years of assistance. The Hincapie brothers look forward to the possibility of new partners for the future of the team.

“The Hincapie Racing Team’s primary goal is to develop American professional cyclists and deliver wins for U.S. fans in World Tour races,” says George Hincapie. “We hope to find the right partner to take advantage of our expertise and realize that vision, capitalizing on an already-established global brand and many decades of experience in the sport of cycling.”