Hincapie Racing Confirms Arapahoe Resources and BMC Switzerland as Title Sponsors; Signs Nine Riders for 2019

Hincapie Racing is pleased to announce that Arapahoe Resources and BMC Switzerland have increased their commitments for the 2019 season, allowing the team to apply for Continental status and sign on nine riders for the upcoming year.

Arapahoe Resources, LLC joined Hincapie Racing in 2018 as a presenting sponsor and is increasing its commitment for 2019 to be at title sponsor. The company, based out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is an oil and gas exploration company mainly concentrated in the Mid-Continent and Rocky Mountain regions. The company supported its own cycling team, Team Arapahoe Resources, from 2015 through 2017 before joining Hincapie Racing. Owner Paul E. Kloberdanz, Jr., has enjoyed working with the team in the past year and looks forward to another successful year.

Says Kloberdanz, “This year is a monumental year for Arapahoe Resources. We have high expectations and are extremely confident that the results will confirm.”

BMC Switzerland, known for its premium performance bikes that meet the highest standards in quality, design, engineering, and manufacturing, has supplied bikes to the world’s top athletes, including the Hincapie Racing team.

The relationship between BMC and Hincapie Racing dates back to 2010 when Hincapie Sportswear was the official apparel sponsor for the BMC Racing Team. Then in 2012, Rich and George Hincapie joined forces with BMC Racing Team to begin the Hincapie Sportswear Development team, aiming to mentor young cyclists to the Pro-Tour Circuit. The team moved on to deliver exceptional performances, later becoming a UCI Continental team. BMC became the official bike partner for the Hincapie Racing team in 2018 and has increased its commitment for 2019.

“As a premium bike brand built on racing, we are proud to have Hincapie Racing represent BMC Switzerland,” says BMC CEO David Zurcher about the partnership. “This is a team that stands for our same values and beliefs. We have shared a long and successful history together with the Hincapie brothers, and we appreciate their ability to deliver an innovative racing platform that also creates engaging content and activations of its riders onboard our performance bikes. Hincapie Racing will play a key role in complementing all of our other sports investments for next season. Meanwhile, BMC Switzerland will turn a new chapter in creating something exciting and sustainable for many years to come—much more than just racing,” says BMC CEO David Zurcher about the partnership.

The team has signed nine riders for the 2019 season. Returning to the team are Miguel Bryon, Brendan Rhim, Andrew Dahlheim, Andz Flaksis, and TJ Eisenhart. New to the team are Ben Wolfe (previously on Jelly Belly), Justin Oien (previously on Caja Rural), and Seth Jones (previously with Dornier Racing). Also coming to the team is Tanner Putt, a former UHC cyclist who began his cycling career on the Hincapie Development team in 2012.

Says team general manager George Hincapie, “We’re extremely grateful for Arapahoe Resources and BMC Switzerland supporting our team for another year. It’s my hope that with these partners, as well as this new team of guys, we can deliver wins and have a successful 2019 season.”


About Arapahoe Resources

Arapahoe Resources, L.L.C. is an oil and gas exploration and development company based in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Primarily active in the Rocky Mountains and Mid-Continent areas, Arapahoe Resources has positioned itself to be an oil and gas exploration and development leader in the ever-evolving energy marketplace of today.

About BMC Switzerland

BMC Switzerland is a premium, Swiss bike brand. Established in 1994, the company employs approximately 120 people worldwide. It is headquartered in Grenchen, Switzerland, where it also has its own research and development facility, the Impec Lab. BMC’s bikes meet the highest standards in quality, design, and manufacturing, and the company invests heavily in research and development to continue to improve its designs and technologies. BMC has written its way into history by supplying bikes for the world’s top athletes, winning races such as the Tour de France, the Team Time Trial and Road World Championships, the MTB XCO World Championships, and numerous Ironman Championships.