From the DS: Thoughts from Racing in Europe

Written by Thomas Craven

The newly formed Arapahoe|Hincapie p/b BMC began the racing season in Europe in some of the most technically difficult and grueling races: La Roue Tourangelle, Circuit des Ardennes, Arno Wallaard Memorial, and finally finishing with Tour de Bretagne.

During Euro Trip 2019, the goal was twofold: for the riders, it was important that they gain some experience in some quality racing; the staff, on the other hand, needed to build fitness and the groundwork for the coming years. In order to achieve these goals, we made the strategic decision to scale back the team for the trip. This way, riders would be participating in all of the races, accelerating the bonds and exposing any weaknesses.

Thankfully, the team didn’t need much time to build camaraderie; though the team appears new, this group has actually raced together through junior events and U23 racing with the USA National Team. So everyone had a great time, and France was everything we had hoped for as far as a time to bond. The weather was perfect, and the location of the team house in Signy-l’Abbaye was ideal for training and resting.

In addition to building camaraderie, though, of course we wanted to win. We raced for a total of 19 days, and we rode well, but we didn’t win anything. However, I’m still proud of our performance, as we represented in countless breaks and splits in the field and had some great finishes in the very hectic bunch sprints.

After six weeks in the trenches in some of the toughest racing in the world, we came out better, stronger, and faster than when we left. I’m looking forward to our next UCI event in Winston-Salem.