About Our Team

All of the training, the hours on the bike, the measuring of calories, the rest days that aren’t really rest days, the building up, the tapering off, the sprints and the recovery. It’s all led to this moment when TJ is feeling good and Mig is on his A-game, when the guys are coming off a win and the next is just within grasp. It’s time to show up. It’s #BOOMTIME. And afterward, once they’ve crushed it and taken the title, they don’t hold back in celebrating. Because riding bikes is fun.

Upcoming Races

July 7-14
Tour of Quinghai Lake
August 3-9
Tour of Utah
August 7-16
Tour de l'Avenir
August 23
Croatia Slovenia
September 2-6
Tour of Bohemia
Czech Republic
September 6
Maryland Cycling Classic
Baltimore, Maryland
September 8-13
Romania Tour
September 18
Montenegro Adriatic